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          Key Executives

          Scott C. Donnelly

          Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

          Scott C. Donnelly was named chief executive officer in December 2009 and chairman of the board in September 2010. Donnelly joined Textron as executive vice president and chief operating officer in June 2008 and was promoted to president in January 2009. Prior to joining Textron, Donnelly was president and CEO for General Electric (GE) Aviation.

          Frank T. Connor

          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

          Frank T. Connor joined Textron as executive vice president and chief financial officer in August 2009. Connor came to Textron after a 22-year career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. where he was most recently managing director and head of Telecom Investment Banking. Prior to that, he served as Goldman, Sachs & Co.’s chief operating officer of Telecom, Technology and Media Investment Banking.

          Ronald Draper

          Textron Aviation
          President and CEO


          Lisa M. Atherton

          Textron Systems
          President and CEO


          Mitch Snyder

          Bell Helicopter
          President and CEO


          Scott A. Ernest

          Industrial Segment and Textron Specialized Vehicles
          President and CEO


          R. Danny Maldonado

          Textron Financial
          President and CEO